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At Grace Church, we endeavor to be a church of disciples that make disciples.  We take the Great Commission seriously, therefore, we aim to cultivate community for mutual Gospel edification.

Though our Grace Groups are encouraged to reach out to unchurched friends, our primary focus is to equip our Covenant Members for a rich life of mutual discipleship while inviting unchurched friends into their discipleship journey.  

If you are a member or regular attendee of Grace Church and are interested in participating in a group or fellowship, contact one of the group leaders listed below.  

Please note, contact the leader for locations and schedule of meetings. Most Groups Meet Every Other week, NOT Weekly!

If you are interested in participating in a group or fellowship at Grace Church or perhaps helping start a new one, please fill out this FORM.

Women's Only Grace Group Options:

Sunday Night @ 7pm | Leader: Deborah Moss |

Tuesday Night @ 6:30 pm | Leader: Denise Molinsky |

Thursday Night @ 8:30am | Leader: Monda Bradley |

Tuesday Mid-Morning | Leader: Allison Long & Betty Churchill |

Men's Only Grace Group Options:

Tuesday Morning @ 5 am | Leader: Lucas Hutchinson |

Tuesday Night @ 7 pm | Leader: Josh Lafave |

Saturday Morning @ 6 am | Leader: Lance Leger |

Young Adults Community (College, Singles & Couples)

Thursday Evening @ 6:30pm | Leaders: Forrest Hutchinson & Summer Hutchinson  |

Monthly Couple's Fellowship

4th Fridays of each Month @ 6:30pm | Leaders: Casey & Marcella Lawrence | &

*** If there is not a group that fits at a convenient schedule, we are always seeking to start new groups so please don't hesitate to contact Andrea Lafave (