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Grace Church Smyrna is committed to reaching the next generation. We love seeing children enjoy coming to church and loving God. Everything we do in our children’s ministry is focused on bringing children to a real and active relationship with Jesus at an early age. Activities, lessons and curriculum are carefully selected and thoroughly planned to ensure that God’s truth is communicated to your child in a way that is relevant to whichever stage of life they are in. Whatever age your child is, we have a class suited for them.

****For your peace of mind all our volunteers have met background checks and training***

What do I do if it’s my first time?

Upon arrival you will sign in your child just outside of the nursery/preschool area. You will receive a security tag that you will hand back in when you come to pick up your child at the end of Bible Study and/or Worshi Service. We offer childcare during worship for children birth through 3 years old. No child will be released without the correct security tag. Our Children's Volunteers are easily identifiable by theirGrace Kids Volunteer Lanyard

How do you choose your Children's Leaders and Volunteers?

Even as a young church, we want to place a high priority on your child's safety.  Every GraceKid Volunteer must undergo a background check and participate in regular training.  In addition, all teachers and workers must be covenant members of Grace Church at this time.

Can I come to and stay with my child?

All parents are welcome to spend time with their children, but in order to volunteer in a classroom or teach, we require a complete background check and interview with us. The safety of your child is of the utmost importance. We are careful to only allow approved volunteers with the children. We would welcome you as a volunteer.

What will my child do?

Childcare during Worship
It is our desire to help children learn at an early age that worship is for everyone...including them.  Worship is NOT just for "BIG" people, it's for the whole congregation.  To aid in this, we provide several ways for parents to assist their children to engage during worship.

  1. Childcare for children age birth through 3 years-old is available during the Worship time. Children 4 Years and older will join their parents for the main worship time.  
  2. Children's Bulletins & Crayons are provided for 4-6 year olds as well as 7-12 year olds at the Check In Kiosk. They are tailored to the text from the morning sermon and are challenging.  They will keep your child occupied in a meaningful way during the sermon. 

During the Adult Bible Study (9:15 - 10 am) we offer 4 Bible study classes for children birth through 5th Grade.  You can find out information about what we teach on our Sunday Class page.

Why we keep our children in the worship service?

There a myriad of perspectives within the church as to whether we should or shouldn't keep children in the service.  For those who believe a seperate ministry or class should be provided due to their age, their reasoning goes like this:

  1. Children just cannot comprehend what is going on in the worship service.
  2. Children cannot sit still for sermons that last more than 30 minutes.  
  3. Parents cannot focus while in worship with their children sitting beside them.

While we agree that keeping children in worship presents several difficulties that we must address, our desire is to charitable when we say that these reasons pale in comparison to the benefit for our children and their parents when they remain in the worship.  

Our pastor wrote an article many a couple years ago for Doctrine and Devotion outlining why we have chosen the course we have.  You can find that article on our blog page here.

Helpful Resources:


  • CHILDREN DESIRING GOD -  www.childrendesiringgod.org
  • GOSPEL STORYBOOK BIBLE - www.martymachowski.com

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