Our Aims


The Gospel Changes Everything! We desire this to be the heartbeat of our culture at Grace Church.

Therefore, our aims as a community on mission are simple…

The gospel is the good news that Jesus lived a life we could not, died a death we should have and rose from the grave giving us a life we do not deserve. As Tim Keller puts it, this message is not merely the ABC’s of Christianity but the A-Z of Christianity. The same message that saves us also sustains us. As we remember what Jesus has done for us, we are now free to live the way God created us to live.

The Gospel forms a new people. The same power that reconciles us to God is the same power that reconciles us to one another in renewed friendship and community. The church is the new community where the Gospel is worked out in one another lives in the context of COMMUNITY on MISSION. When Jesus commissioned His church to “go make disciples”, He didn’t envision a division between discipleship and mission in the local church. The evangelistic call given by Jesus was to “go make disciples” forever linking discipleship and mission. We want to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples in the context of community on mission.

The church is the primary and most sufficient way that the Gospel is declared to the world. Therefore as many have stated, “its not so much that God has a mission for the church but rather God has a church for His mission.” Mission is not merely a piece of the identity of the church but is the very heartbeat of its existence. We declare the Gospel as we are compelled to move outward into our cities and neighborhoods as missionary servants who merge their daily rhythms with the rhythms of the lost in our city. The end result is to see new believers saved and new churches started both locally, nationally and internationally. Statistics show overwhelmingly that the best and primary way we carry out the mission is by planting Gospel saturated churches throughout our cities and nations. We believe the best way to love the world is by planting more faithful Gospel churches.